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To reduce violence and improve the overall well-being of the community by fostering positive connections, trust, integrity, and compassion between first responders and community members. This mission is especially focused on at-risk youth, aiming to provide them with support, guidance, and opportunities for a brighter future.

Black Hills Badges for Hope is dedicated to establishing and strengthening relationships between first responders (such as law enforcement officers, firefighters, and emergency medical personnel) and community members, focusing to create a safer and more supportive environment for all community members. This is particularly important for youth in difficult situations who may face various challenges and be vulnerable to negative outcomes for their future.

Black Hills Badges for Hope achieves its mission through various initiatives, programs, and activities that promote positive interactions and engagement between first responders and the community. These efforts include:

Community Outreach: We organize events, such as our annual Badges N Kids Christmas program, which promotes a sense of community partnership and actively engages community members, raises awareness about unmet needs in our community, and fosters dialogue and positive interactions between first responders and youth in difficult situations.

Mentorship and Guidance: We participate in and support  mentorship programs that support community programs who help young people in difficult situations, connecting them with positive role models from various parts of the community as well as first responders in the community. These programs provide guidance that can help empower young individuals and provide them with resources to make positive choices.

Scholarship/Sponsorship Initiatives: We offer scholarships to enhance experiences and help keep youth in the community active with positive activities so they can make healthy choices. Our scholarships are often used for things such as organized team sports, individual sports and engagement activities, we specifically seek to help young people in difficult situations through a partnership with law enforcement who often provide referrals and follow-up. By focusing on sports and activities, the organization hopes to provide youth with opportunities to learn necessary skills and knowledge to better themselves for the future.

Collaboration and Partnerships: We collaborate with other like-minded community organizations, schools, and stakeholders to leverage resources and expertise. By working together, we can create a comprehensive network of support for youth in difficult situations and address the root causes of the problems we face in our communities, specifically violence and a sense of belonging.

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