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Black Hills Badges for Hope is a local 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that promotes interaction between community members and first responders. BHBFH does so by sponsoring activities that encourage youth to be more active so they'll make positive and healthy choices in the community.
The organization's goal is to foster better relationships between local youth and first responders which, in turn, will build a foundation for a better and safer community moving forward. BHBFH hosts fundraisers throughout the year. The money raised is utilized to support scholarship programs that help local youth and their families pay for activity fees as well as purchase equipment or other costs associated with signing up for, or participating in sports or related activities.
BHBFH partners with first responders and community members to help identify youth in need of support. Local police officers are then matched up with the identified youth and provide the means to help the youth into the selected sport or activity. By bringing youth and local police officers together in this way, we hope to create strong community relationships that last, building everything upon Integrity, Trust and Compassion.

Line of Duty Deaths happen every year, and when they do they are devastating to the families as well as the co-workers of those killed. Black Hills Badges for Hope is an organization that will continue to support those who have lost loved ones, both families and co-workers. We support organizations like Concerns of Police Survivors (C.O.P.S), through donations we've received.

Locally, we support the families of fallen first responders and officers, long after the initial support fades away. We offer scholarships for family members to attend survivor workshops where they will learn to grieve and remember their loved ones in healthy ways.

For more information on First Responder Support click, here.


As an organization, we believe everything starts with our youth. Without a responsible, healthy childhood, youth can head down the wrong path and get lost in our society. That is why it is very important to us that we support our local youth in making healthy, positive choices. 

Youth scholarships are a great way to reach out and help guide children toward a positive direction that can help them learn useful skills that can be applied now and later in life. Targeting youth that do not have the means by which to play a sport or participate in an activity is where we can do our best work. Offsetting costs associated with a sports program, equipment purchases or activity fees, getting youth into productive learning environments, is one our primary missions as an organization.

Partnering with local police officers and other community organizations to identify youth who could benefit is crucial. Then, utilizing police officers to deliver the scholarships, thus establishing a relationship with the youth that is built on trust, integrity and compassion is what we believe will make our communities safer and more respectful as a whole.

For more information about our scholarship, click here.

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