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2017: Inception and Overwhelming Support


In 2017, the idea of hosting a golf tournament to honor fallen officers and serve as a fundraiser for a scholarship program was born. The response from both the community and avid golfers exceeded expectations, with 13 teams participating in the inaugural event. The success of the tournament not only paid tribute to the officers who made the ultimate sacrifice but also showcased the potential for growth.


2018: Doubling in Size and a Commitment to Annual Tradition


Excited by the positive reception, we decided to expand the tournament in 2018. The number of participating teams doubled, reaching a remarkable 26 teams. This significant growth solidified the decision to make the golf tournament an annual tradition. The success underscored a shared commitment to improving the community and honoring those who serve it. With the momentum gained, we were determined to continue expanding the event each year.


2019: Ambitious Goals and Sponsorship Opportunities


As planning commenced for the 2019 annual golf tournament, the organizers set ambitious goals. The capacity was expanded to accommodate 36 teams, emphasizing the tournament's escalating popularity. The newly formed golf committee and the Board of Directors, fueled by a desire to better the community, explored numerous sponsorship opportunities to further enhance the event. The tournament, now a mainstay on the calendar, became a pivotal fundraiser for our scholarship program and officer support programs, ensuring its continuity and the support it provided to deserving individuals.


2020-2022: Steady Growth and Community Engagement


Over the next few years, the tournament continued its upward trajectory. With each passing edition, community engagement flourished, drawing in more golfers and supporters. The event became a focal point for both remembrance and philanthropy, fostering a sense of unity among participants and volunteers alike. By 2022, the tournament had solidified its position as a prominent annual fixture, consistently exceeding expectations in terms of both participation and funds raised.


2023: Exceeding Expectations with 36+ Teams


In 2023, the organizers witnessed the realization of their vision as the tournament reached its maximum capacity with 38 participating teams. The 2023 tournament was dedicated to Deputy Katie Leising, who served the local community before moving away and was later killed in the line of duty. This was a pivotal point in why we host our tournament as we hosted Deputy Leisings family. The growth was a testament to the unwavering support from the community, the dedication of the golfers, and the commitment of the golf committee. The success of the tournament not only perpetuates the memory of fallen officers but also allowed for the continued expansion of the scholarship program, positively impacting the lives of youth within the community.


As the golf tournament thrives and evolves, it has become a symbol of unity, resilience, and a powerful force for good in the community it serves. The journey from a modest 13-team event in 2017 to a thriving 38-team tournament in 2023 showcased the collective spirit and determination to honor the fallen while building a brighter future for generations to come.

Thank you to all our golfers and supporters!

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